Our Transformative Journey in Content Creation in 2023

Tinz Twins
3 min readDec 31, 2023
Our Transformative Journey in Content Creation in 2023
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What an incredible and eventful year it has been for us!

In 2023, we started an exciting new journey as content creators, exploring various platforms and formats to share our knowledge, experiences, and passions with the world.

For the first time in our lives, we successfully generated income online this year. This achievement has opened up a world of possibilities and potential for us to continue growing and expanding our reach in the digital realm. It’s been a truly transformative experience, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Summary of the events


In this month, we began publishing regular technical articles on Data Science, Software Engineering, and Investment Research on Medium. We also launched our Magic AI Newsletter. With this newsletter, we give you weekly updates on the most important AI news and highlight an AI tool of the week.


In July, we proudly launched our Medium Publication, Towards Finance, which serves as a platform for sharing insightful articles and thought-provoking content. This publication brings together experts from the fields of Data Science and Finance, who contribute their knowledge and experience to create high-quality articles that cover a wide range of topics.

By launching Towards Finance, we aimed to provide a valuable resource for those interested in learning more about the intersection of Data Science and Finance, as well as to offer a space for professionals to share their expertise with a wider audience. If you have a keen interest in these subjects, we encourage you to explore the publication and discover the wealth of information it has to offer.


In August, we launched our Tinz Twins Hub. On this platform, we regularly publish FREE articles covering data science and investment research topics. For those interested in practical implementations, we offer a premium membership at a reasonable price.


In September, we launched Tinz Twins Invest for our German-speaking community. On this platform, we regularly publish articles covering financial topics…



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